Double Star Observatory

Double Star Observatory

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The Double Star Observatory is a private and remote astronomical viewing site located at 6600' elevation in southwest Colorado. The clear, dark skies of the Four Corners region offer breathtaking views of the Milky Way and perfect conditions to see amazing, deep sky objects found in our universe. Light pollution maps and our own observations rate our night skies a three (3) on the Bortle scale with a limiting magnitude of 6.6 to 7.0.

The observatory is a roll-off roof structure that is divided into a 14' x 18' observing area and a 14' x 8' control room. The observing area holds four permanently mounted telescopes that have been accurately aligned so that celestial objects stay centered in the eyepiece or camera over long periods of time. The open nature of the roll-off observatory allows all telescopes to track different objects at the same time.

Upcoming Celestial Events

Mar 5: Full Moon (11:06 AM)
Mar 5: Moon at apogee at 00:35 (252,516 mi)
Mar 11: Mars passes 0.3° north of Uranus, 2 pm MDT
Mar 12: The Moon passes 2° north of Saturn, 2 am MDT
Mar 13: Third Quarter (11:49 AM)
Mar 18: The Moon passes 4° north of Neptune, 8 pm MDT
Mar 18: The Moon passes 5° north of Mercury, 11 pm MDT
Mar 19: Moon at perigee at 13:38 (222,192 mi)